Sinful Colors Mod in Bloom Collection Review + Swatches

Purchased Myself

Sinful Colors ($1.99USD most drugstores) is one of my favorite nail polish brands at the drugstore, they have a huge core collection (which I own most of at this point) and are constantly coming out with new collections and are always on top of the newest trends, at a great price. They’ve released two Mod themed spring collections and I have almost the full Mod in Bloom collection here to show you today. My Rite Aid that I found these at was missing the green shade “Nice Stems” which is of course the one that I really want. Time to hunt down all my drugstores.

The Mod in Bloom collection features all brand new shades, no permanent shades or repromotes! Looking at this collection, it appears to be all flat pastel creams, but some of them have a super duper fine shimmer to them. When you see it in the bottle you think it’ll be one of those shimmers that you don’t notice. And while you wouldn’t notice them as being shimmery, it does add a gorgeous shine to each shade giving it a wet appearance even once its dry

  • Daisy Daze – Cream finish
  • Cream Soda – Cream finish with a fine shimmer
  • Pink Poppys – Cream finish with a fine shimmer
  • Baby Blues – Cream finish with a fine shimmer
  • Bright Lucite – Cream finish
  • Mad about Hue – Cream finish
  • Violets are Blue – Shimmer
  • Nice Stems – Cream


Daisy Daze is a pale yellow cream, and is one of  the few without the fine shimmer. It has a very thin formula and even after three coats it wasn’t completely opaque. It’s a hair paler than Sinful Colors Unicorn and almost Identical to Revlon’s Buttercup. I would suggest passing on this one and going for Unicorn, it’s a little bit brighter but has a much nicer formula


Cream Soda is a pale peachy coral cream with the super fine micro shimmer. The shimmer appears to just be clear and not and discernible color. This one also had a fairly thin formula and was just barely opaque at three coats. Sinful Color’s Island Coral is a little bit brighter, but has a thicker formula


Pink Poppys is a bright magenta cream finish with the super fine micro shimmer. The formula on this one was absolutely killer. Still thin enough that it didn’t get goopy. But thick enough that it was opaque in two coats. I adore this shade and normally I hate pinks on myself. Sinful Colors 24/7 is much more neon and has a matte finish, Sinful colors Bikini is similar but has a more grey dusty look and isn’t as bright. Sinful Colors Boom Boom is a bit brighter but has the same tone.


Baby Blues is a pale periwinkle cream with fine micro shimmer. Back to the not so desirable formulas. As you can see in the swatch, it is still rather patchy after a third coat (my general cutoff point when it comes to swatching) it’s a very pretty shade but definitely needs some TLC to apply nicely. Sinful Colors always puts out similar lavendar/lilac/periwinkle shades in every spring collection. But everything I have to compare it to is long gone due to being Limited edition.


Bright Lucite is a pale blue pastel cream finish. The formula on this one was a little patchy as well at the second coat. Bright Lucite is similar to Sinful Color’s Cinderella without the shimmer. And is paler and less green than China Glaze’s For Audrey. Much paler and cooler than Wet ‘n’ Wild’s I need a refresh-mint.


Mad about Hue is a pastel mauve cream. I love this color. Mad about Hue has an even coverage formula, completely opaque in two coats. Almost fully opaque after just one. And I found the formula of this to be the most forgiving, it self leveled easily and didn’t pool at the cuticle or tip of the nails like the other shades seemed to do. It is similar to Sinful Color’s Starfish but with more purple and brighter.


Violets are blue is a high shimmer cream base, periwinkle blue. I saved this one for last for a reason. Violets are blue was one of those shades that looked awful on the first coat, it just looked like a clear shimmer top coat. But by the second coat it took on a second life. It’s so shimmery and gorgeous it looks like a glistening lake on the nails. The clear shimmer grabs light so nicely. The swatch is two coats and was still quite patchy as you can see, but if you did one coat of a similar cream shade, followed by two coats of this. It would be perfect.

Must Haves from this collection:

  1. Violets are Blue
  2. Pink Poppys
  3. Mad About Hue

What I’d skip from this collection

  1. Daisy Daze (go with Unicorn instead)
  2. Bright Lucite (not unique enough of a shade to have to deal with that formula)
  3. Baby Blues (Sinful Colors does a shade similar to this in every pastel/spring collection, and all the previous ones have been great colors. This one falls short)


thanks for reading!

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